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Effective foraging- The Pottinger Jumbo 6010.

We have operated the Forage Wagon service for four years having wanted to supply a system that would save farmers money as costs on farm are continuing to rise. The Pottinger 6010 Forage Wagon

For 2011 we will be using a new Pottinger Jumbo 6010 Forage Wagon. We have chosen the machine that gives the shortest most consistent chop of any wagon, plus the biggest capacity. It will be the fifth season operating forage wagons and we provide the best machinery for the job.

The Jumbo is the highest specification machine on the market. The crop is picked up with a two metre pick up and pushed through the 45 knives. This gives a 34mm (1.34 inches) chop length, the shortest of any wagon available. Chop length is consistent due to the 800 mm rotor forcing the forage into the machine; plus a dirt scraper insures debris is kept off the knives.

This process is gentle on the grass resulting in silage that is full of clover and leaf particles- these can be lost between the forager and trailer in other systems, especially in dry crops.

The 60m₃ capacity gives the wagon tremendous output carrying more tons with every load. The machine is pulled by a 200 horsepower tractor. Ground compaction is minimised by 650 wide tyres to spread the load over a wide footprint. Pressure is 18psi. The rear steering axle makes the wagon very manoverable and no scuffing of the sward is seen improving regrowth.

The wagon system means just one machine is in the field, equipped with low pressure tyres at 18psi. No heavy trailers and forage harvesters on unsuitable wheel equipment mean your soil is not compacted. Typical silage trailer tyres can run as high as 35psi. Customers have commented how they prefer the wagon method for this reason alone.

Quality Silage harvested for less money

Grass is the cheapest form of feed on farm and using a forage wagon is the most economic method of harvesting it. By using the Jumbo wagon we can not only save you money but help to enhance the quality of grass silage. The formulation of winter rations can then be less expensive.

Quality silage made by the Jumbo:

  • Grass is chopped consistently at 35mm helping to improve fermentation.
  • The ten minutes or so between loads gives the buckrake time to clamp and consolidate the grass effectively.
  • Physical long fibre in the ration is important for rumen health and efficient feed conversion
  • All grass particles are collected and delivered to the pit. The machine is gentle on the grass and however dry you like to make your silage, it is swept cleanly up leaving fields extremely clean with no waste. This results in more clover and leaf particles in the silage improving quality.
  • Different types of grass can be mixed into the pit. For example, we can alternate loads from field of red clover, long term leys and crops of ryegrass. This gives a blend of silage through the pit, and a more even analysis for winter rations.

By using the Jumbo wagon we can cater for all silage making systems. You may choose to harvest lighter, more frequent cuts to insure quality. The Jumbo has the build and capacity to chop more heavier and mature crops, too.

We can supply a complete service from mowing to buckraking. We are happy to follow your mower or rake.

The new Pottinger Jumbo wagon for the 2011 season provides massive performance and gives the most consistent and shortest chop of any forage wagon. We are passionate about how we make grass silage, and by using this machine we can give you excellent results and save you money. The system can turn good grass into fantastic fodder for your dairy or beef cattle and sheep.

For a price to complete your silaging please make contact.

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